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2024 ASA Registration (안디옥 여름학교 등록 안내)

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2024 ASA registration
Hello everyone!
We pray that you and your family stayed healthy and safe in God’s mercy & grace. 

ASA registration is now open to help you get ready for the summer of 2024!

July 9th(TUE) - August 16th(FRI) 2024 (6 weeks)
MON- FRI / 9:30AM - 3:00PM (NO after school care)

Tuition: Full time/ Part time  (MUST be paid fully before April 30th) 
1st child: $780 /  $160 per week
2nd child: $730 /  $160 per week
3rd child: $680 /   $160 per week

Please click below for more information about the payment:

Miky Song: Antiochsummeracademy@gmail.com/ 610-787-9466


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